The hardest thing is trying to pull wheelies in a wheelchair

Walking across the room today in work, when the door opened and a breath of fresh air blew in.


JP and I have been friends for a lifetime, he knew me before the wheelchair.


I remember that telephone conversation. ‘Hey pal, I have had an accident, I am in a wheelchair now.’ The answer ‘Can you pull wheelies yet? I bet I can do wheelchair wheelies better than you!’ I said ‘You don’t understand mate. I said I am in a wheelchair now’ JP – ‘Yes, I heard you the first time. Can you pull wheelies yet?’


That is it. There is no negativity, just set your mind to it and get the job done.

JP got me back surfing again, (in a kayak not a board) pushing me through pain barriers I didn’t know existed. I don’t know if this was bravado or stupidity, but a belief in my own abilities was forged that no one can break. Thank you.



This photo is us now, older,

heavier but still addicted to life



This photo is back in the day. Surf puppies looking for the next wave. It is hard to believe that I was only 10 weeks from the wheelchair in this pic.


You can do anything you set your mind to.



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