Paying it Forward


I have always had an almost overwhelming desire to be helpful and kind. If people hadn’t been kind to me in my recovery, I am sure I would not have recovered as well. So the answer to the question ‘Can you do me a favour?’ must always be ‘If I can, I will.’

This week, my sister in law posted a message in our family group chat, that some one had been in touch to say that a family gravestone from the late 1800’s was unstable and dangerous and the parishioners of the chapel where the graveyard was situated were making a last chance call out to find any living relations to repair it. I called my great friend Ziggy and I am happy to report that we are both going to make it good tomorrow night. The biking community will help massively when called upon.

But in the mix of this, I discover a lady living in the locality was so concerned about the situation that she was willing to pay towards and take over the upkeep of the gravestone. So it appears that this lady has a huge heart with a kind personality, and now, through the power of social media, she is now a friend of the family too. She used the term paying it forward in our messages too.

She latched onto the Loose Gravel Facebook page and I asked her permission to write this tonight.

I am also sending her and her daughter tee-shirts with the new ‘Stay Loose’ logo that I am wearing in the photo.

Because I believe in paying it forward too.

 Ian ‘Ianto’ Gravell is a disabled adventurer and author. When he’s not writing or editing, he loves to ride motorcycles for fun around the globe to unplanned destinations.

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