Motorcycle Live 2022

I am sure that many of us went to Motorcycle Live in NEC, Birmingham last week to see all the latest motorcycling fun. I did. It was great fun. They really seem to have sorted the event out after the pandemic and it was filled to the brim with stands and visitors.

I met up with Frank and Phil and we did the whole shebang. Back Street Heroes, Indian Motorcycles, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Ducati, Honda amongst others warranted visits, but I had a meaningful chat with the team at Mental Health Motorcycles. If you need to know what they are about, check out their website on https://mhmotorbike.com/

They are just amazing.

My leg played merry pop with me but I was able to lean on my friends when I had to and we still managed to have fun.

Surely that is what is all about really?

I hope so anyway.


Ian ‘Ianto’ Gravell is a disabled author and adventurer.

When he is not riding or editing, he is riding his motorcycle to unknown destinations around the world.

Keep tabs on his adventures by reading his blog, newsletter and book – Loose Gravel – Broken Bones, Broken Dreams made good on a Broken Road.

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