Junk and Disorderly

I don’t know if you have been following the latest series of Junk and Disorderly on TV, but I was watching it last night and the genius that is Allen Millyard was drinking a cup of scorch from a Loose Gravel mug! This slightly awkward camera shot I took of the TV screen proves it! I would love to say that me and the master technician who built ‘The Flying Millyard’ from scratch were best buds, but in reality, it was a five minute chat in the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull with a Welshcake or two, and I gave Allen, Henry and Skid some promo mugs that my buddy Sam in Revelation in Narberth had made for me to promote my forthcoming book.

Of course Junk and Disorderly isn’t the only show that Allen takes part in with Henry Cole, there is the truly excellent ‘The Motorbike Show’ on one of the ITV channels where Henry and Allen along with Guy Willison and Sam Lovegrove take on lunatic challenges on bikes around the UK and further afield, testing new scoots to keep us constantly at motorcycle dealerships, handing our hard earned wonga over for the latest thrill. 

I know in the photo, they look more like a police line up for the usual suspects, but believe me their professionalism is apparent throughout their TV appearances. If you want to see them live then you will see them on stage in ‘Shed and Buried Live’ at the National Motorcycle Museum in the autumn, along with their two wheeled toys. If you can’t wait until then, tune in to ‘Junk and Disorderly’ on the tellybox. You may even see one of my mugs!

Ian ‘Ianto’ Gravell is a disabled author and adventurer.

When he is not writing or editing he loves to ride motorcycles for fun to unknown destinations around the world.

Keep tabs on his adventures by reading his blog and newsletter.

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