I can remember in the early days after the accident when swimming helped so much. 

Trying to dress in the changing rooms was always a challenge as I wasn’t too well balanced on my pins. But the real problem was people staring at the surgical scars on my legs. At this stage I had had 13 operations on my lower half just to get me to stand upright again; I really didn’t think I would ever walk again. 

I made the decision to have a couple of tattoos, after all, people don’t stare at a tattooed person, and I really wanted to distract people from my scarred legs.

This is quite common with a few disabled people I know, and I wear my tattoos these days with the fun they are supposed to be, not for any concern about my scars.

Don’t judge me, as I am in no position to judge anyone, that is completely against my nature. We all come into the world kicking and screaming the same way and that is the way I will shuffle off this mortal coil.

Look after the next guy along. You never know when you will need the same.

Massive thank you to Mat at Sursum Tattoos in Narberth for my tattoos. You are golden pal

Ian ‘Ianto’ Gravell is a disabled business man, author and adventurer.

When he is not working or writing he is riding his motorcycle to exciting places around the world.

Keep tabs on his adventures by reading his blog, newsletter and book – Loose Gravel – Broken Bones, Broken Dreams made good on a Broken Road


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