Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Happy new year!! I hope you all had a great Christmas. Thanks to all who have bought copies of my book for presents and I hope all who received my book are pleased with their present and are really happy. 

I am really happy.

I have just returned from Tenerife (my favourite place to holiday – the hot African sun is so good for my battered bones) and had a fantastic Feliz Ano Nuevo on the streets of Puerto de la Cruz. There is a Spanish tradition of eating a grape on every chime of the 12 O’Clock chimes, which we did and we sang and danced with everyone who were just so happy to be able to be celebrating again.

But there must always be adventure.

Earlier on New Years Eve, I booked a paraglider, jumped off Mount Teide and flew down to the beach. It was amazing. Something I had wanted to do for ages. I could feel the wind whipping up around me and the sunshine bringing colour to my face. The craft started rising higher on a thermal which we circled upwards on the warm air stream, reminding me of surfing a wave to a destination – any vehicle which can utilise the planets energy as a form of propulsion is pretty cool in my humble opinion

But my passion is motorcycling .

New years day I was invited to jojn my friends in the Angeles Verdes motorcycling group on a day long motorcycling trip up Mount Teide and around the island. We started off really early and zipped up the volcano from glorious sunshine at the coastline, through patches of snow as we got higher up in altitude. For the second time in as many days I was having the best fun on this wonderful mountain.

There are more twists and turns on the road up Teide than a Hollywood suspense thriller, dipping your knee for the corners and wiggling your bum to change shift your weight to make the journey work.

I can feel the grin on my face getting wider as the memory of this epic day unfolds! Life is just so beautiful sometimes.

We stopped at a picnic area for lunch and I was treated like a long lost friend by my biker friend – it was only the second time I had ridden with them! The Angeles Verdes (Green Angels) are a motor cycling organisation in Spain and the Canary Islands who appreciate motorcycling and also support charities in their local communities by marshalling, fundraising and just by being general good guys.

I really feel at home on Tenerife. The weather is great, the motorcycling is fantastic and the adventure is always there.

I throw out the biggest thank you to Shashil, Bernado, Bea and the rest of guys who took me under their wing.

Gracias Amigos!

Here is a brilliant photo of me presenting the guys with a copy of my book. I promise to bring a Spanish version out soon!

Ian ‘Ianto’ Gravell is a disabled business man, adventurer and author.

When he is not writing or editing he is riding his motorcycle to unknown destinations around the world.

Keep tabs on his adventures by reading his blog, newsletter and book – Loose Gravel – Broken Bones, Broken Dreams made good on a Broken Road


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