A World Weary Week

It’s been a week since the Book Launch and I cannot believe what a journey it has been. We are now upward of 250 copies sold and we are on the Amazon Best Seller list! Thank you all for your support, your kind comments and of course, for buying the the book.  Please remember the only place to obtain signed copies and the other goodies are right here on this great website, designed by the king of tekkie things, Ieuan Griffiths. 

So I have been thinking about this mad week since the book launch. The great people in the Queens Hall achieved epic things and the whole event was a global phenomenon. My co author Alun threw some questions at me on stage and I hope I handled them and entertained you guys.

One of the questions I was asked at Narberth Book Fair, before the launch, was ‘Is it a novel?’ It isn’t a novel. If you flip the book cover it tells you what it is all about, and it is a life story, memoir, feel good story, motorcycle adventure, route 66, friendship kinda book. I hope that makes sense, because if it was a novel, the cover would definitely be the one at the top of this blog entry. A story of rufty, tufty bikers tearing across the landscape dealing with their damaged bodies and broken personalities. Hey! Hang on! Maybe there is a novel in there somewhere? Or maybe that’s another book? 

Ian ‘Ianto’ Gravell is a disabled author and adventurer.

When he is not writing or editing he loves to ride motorcycles to unknown destinations around the world.

Keep tabs on his adventures by reading his blog, newsletter and book, Loose Gravel – Broken Bones, Broken Dreams made good on a Broken Road

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