Black Mountain Chill

Taking the road from  Narberth, Carmarthen through Dryslwyn, Llandeilo and on to Llandovery on a cool September Sunday is great when you have the weather and the wind is with you. I have treated myself to new gloves which I am breaking in comfortably, they really suit the weather today. I am sharing this trip with a bunch of friends (we call ourselves The Tarmac Scratchers) to blow the cobwebs away and enjoy a break in the sunshine.Time is against me sadly, and I have to leave my friends to enjoy the last remnents of the annual sheep festival in Llandovery, whilst I take my Scout over to the Black Mountains then down to the Amman Valley. 

As a child I remember my parents favourite run on a Bank Holiday would be to take us to the Black Mountains for a picnic. My mam would pack beef paste sandwiches, crisps and chocolate bars along with a bottle of squash, a tartan thermos of tea and a picnic blanket. There would be nothing like it! The freedom of the mountains was ours! I remember flying a kite in the wind until my arms hurt with too much squash sloshing around in my belly. The traffic in those days was light and we were safe, regardless where we roamed.

My childhood is years behind me, but I still visit the Black Mountains for the freedom.


I now have children and grandchildren of my own. However, I still adore the Black Mountains and the freedom they give me. I can’t make sarnies like my mam made though.

Those of you coming to the book launch next Saturday, I look forward to seeing you there. You can get tickets by clicking on or copy and pasting this link


The rest of you I will catch on the road soon.

Ian ‘Ianto’ Gravell is a disabled author and adventurer.

When he is not writing or editing he loves to ride motorcycles for fun to unknown destinations around the world.

Keep tabs on his adventures by reading his Blog, Newsletter and his new book – Loose Gravel, Broken Bones, Broken Dreams made good on a Broken Road which is released next Saturday September 24th 2022

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