OK. We have a release date for the book! But I can’t tell you when yet! But it isn’t too far away at all! I have been working intensely with Alun and Liz and we are dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s and my first book – Loose Gravel, Broken Bones, Broken Bones made good on a Broken Road will be out in a really short time. To celebrate this I have some goodies to share, so please get in touch with the answer to this question ‘Is Route 66 known as the Mother Road or the Father Road? The first three correct answers will receive a prize each and I will announce the winners on Sunday morning 12th June 2022 on the Loose Gravel page on Facebook. Please message me the answers on Facebook Messenger on the Loose Gravel Page or Instagram on Iantoloosegravel or email [email protected]. Man! This is such an exciting time! Good Luck Everyone!Dreams

Ian ‘Ianto’ Gravell is a disabled adventurer and author. When he’s not writing or editing, he loves to ride motorcycles for fun around the globe to unplanned destinations.

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