Best Foot Forward?


I have always struggled with the term ‘best foot forward.’

 I mean, what do you do if both your legs are whacked?

Surely, in my case, the best term would be ‘on my last legs?’

I refuse to accept this. After all, these are only words, it is up to me what I do, or choose not to do, or simply do a task in a different way, to accommodate my disability.

Knock ’em bandy, put on your best show, do whatever you need to prove that you can do whatever you set your mind to, even if you have to do it in a different fashion.

I will cheer you all the way.




Ian ‘Ianto’ Gravell is a disabled adventurer and author. When he’s not writing or editing, he loves to ride motorcycles for fun around the globe to unplanned destinations.

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