Set Lusting Bruce: A Bruce Springsteen Podcast

Winter comes and winter goes. Spring is trying to kick the dampness of the Welsh winter into touch and I am just dying to get out on a bike to have some fun again. I am giving myself a big fat ‘F’ for blogging this winter but I am back on the keyboard and writing […]

Rocking all over the world

I am going to definitely make it through this year. Now the lockdowns are behind us, it is great that bands have come out of tour hibernation and brought  live music to the global audience. So Bruce Springsteen decided to do one of those epic tours that he is famous for. Wendy and I spent […]

Book Launch Event!

It was a hugely exciting weekend, the first of two family weddings so it was a hugely busy time. Congratulations Abi and Robin, you have no idea how proud I am of you both. In the busy time, I jumped the gun and put the above poster out on Facebook with no time or ticket […]

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