When I had the accident, I thought I was going to die. No ifs or buts, I thought I was shuffling off this mortal coil. However, being I was in so much pain, I thought that this was probably the best way out of a terrible situation. Two friends would come and see me, independantly of each other and make daily visits. I thought they were wasting their time, as I was on my way out. But they still came. The song ‘Don’t Go’ by Hothouse Flowers really resonated with me – it still does. The song is about a man pleading with his friend not to die as he was on a life support machine. I really related to that – I was the dying man. But I didn’t die.

A few days ago I met up with the guys from Hothouse Flowers at their gig in the Glee Club, Birmingham. I gave them a copy of my book and was so chuffed that Liam played his piano that night with my book proudly displayed on it, and held it high at the end of the gig. Somebody asked what this was all about on Facebook and another person stated ‘That is the lovely man with the book and the great story.’ I like that. It sounds good.

Thanks to the guys in Hothouse Flowers for signing my single (I have had it framed) and for the inspiration. Thanks to my friends for everything and thanks to you all for reading this and believing in me.


Isn’t this awesome? I really am living my best life!


Ian ‘Ianto’ Gravell is a disabled businessman, author and adventurer.

When he is not working, or writing he is riding his motorcycle to exciting places around the world.

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